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Four Stars

Very comfy headset, the mic’s a bit quiet though!

This item arrived in a retail printed protective cardboard box. Inside the box was the headset, in a bubble wrap bag, and some basic instructuctions. The usefully long cable was protected in a separate bag, with each connector plug (USB, 3.5mm Mic and 3.5mm Earphones) having a separate plastic protective cover.

The headset is surprisingly light, yet is made of a quality looking gloss plastic, with a matte headpiece. The earpieces flex in all directions for comfort, and the headband is adjustable on each side by about an inch, in 9 incremental steps, which lock solid and need a good tug or push to change.

The headband has a thick, soft foam strip on the head side, so it’s very comfortable resting on it. The earpieces are also very comfortable – perhaps a little small for my big ears, but not too much to make them uncomfortable, even for long periods of time. The foam around them definitely keeps all external sound out, and internal sound in!

I really like the way the microphone boom folds into the left hand earpiece, in such a way that you hardly know it’s there. I did notice that the sound from the microphone was quite quiet, such that speech recognition software had difficulty understanding me, even at loud volume, with the microphone appropriately placed alongside my mouth. The single cable comes out of the left earpiece, and snakes for a really good distance, with an excellent (off to loud) volume control in the middle, before it splits into three separate cables. One cable is for the sound output to the earphones, one cable is for the sound input from the microphone, and the third is for plugging into a USB port to power the cool looking lights on the sides of the earpieces. It’s nice that the lights match the colour scheme of the headset, although I might prefer a colour choice, or cycle, depending on my mood.

I think a trick has been missed here, in that the headset cannot deal with sound from the USB port. If you have a more modern laptop, you very often only get combination mic/earpiece ports, and it’s rare to find both ports available. Having separate USB just to power lights seems a bit of a waste, and will probably go unused in the main.

I believe this to be a good, comfortable, quality headset, but the mic volume and the requirement for both mic and earphone ports lets it down a little. If you have all the ports, and are just talking to people via your game, then this is going to be a good buy.

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Thanks to GoldenBell for providing this item for review.


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