LIHAO 100 x Disposable Icing Bags Review

Icing Bags
Icing Bags

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Five Stars

Nice set of really strong icing bags, great for the job!

These disposable icing bags arrived packaged together inside a single, triangle shaped plastic packet, with a holographic LIHAO logo sticker (Best gift for you) on the front – it would have been nice if this were a reasealable zip-loc type bag.

The bags have a nice “criss-cross” pattern on them, which seems to act like reinforcement, adding extra strength. They’re really clear, so you can easily see the icing inside. These bags are a really good size, and hold loads of icing, yet in the packet they take up very little room, and can be folded for storage.

The ends of the bags are sealed, so you can cut them off to your preferred size, or to suit whichever nozzles you have. The other end is very large, so it’s really easy to put the contents in. The bags were clearly produced in a hygienic manner, so there’s no need to wash them before using etc – with traditional fabric bags they always need cleaning first.

When you use them, you need to ensure your icing, buttercream or whatever is soft and warm – we used a cold icing, and it was difficult to push through the nozzle, leading to a bulge being created in the bag. This just showed how strong the bags were, as I have extremely strong chip shovels for hands! Traditional bags would have coped with this, but that’s one of the trade offs.

These bags are one time use only items – once the bag is cut, you can’t reseal it again, but there’s much less waste than in a traditional bag as you can really squeeze the last drops of contents out. Also it’s nice not to have to wash them!!

These are high quality disposable icing / piping bags, and I can absolutely recommend them to anybody.

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