EasySleep Anti-Snoring Nose Clip Review

Snoring Clip Packaging
Snoring Clip Packaging

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Five Stars

Comfortable little clip that seems to work.

This item came well packaged, in a retail blister pack (that you didn’t have to attempt to cut open with a circular saw or similar, it just popped open easily), which contained the clip itself, inside a handy circular protective storage box.

The clip is relatively small, at about the size of a pound coin, very flexible, and contains two small magnets in the end which seem to hold the device steady inside the nose. This means no pressure against your skin holding it tight in there, the soft rubbery plastic just rests gently in there.

It initially feels a bit weird, having something up your nose when trying to go to bed, but after about thirty seconds I hardly knew it was there. Again, there was an initial odour of rubber, but it vanished very quickly – I don’t know if I just got used to it or if it was just the smell fading from a brand new product that had been sealed in a protective box.

I had no problems falling asleep with the item in my nose, and my wife tells me she heard no snores from me and had a good night’s sleep. I certainly didn’t wake myself up with snores! I don’t normally sleep on my front, but I tried all positions, and I thought that on the front it might not be particularly comfortable, so this is probably just for side or back sleepers.

This is a very comfortable item, and although I’ve not monitored my sleep externally, it seems to be very effective – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Veluxio Europe for providing this item for review.


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