Pasonomi Crystal Clear Air Cushion iPhone 6/6S Case Review


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Five Stars

Protective yet pretty case, really enhances the natural look of your phone.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a clear-fronted, retail style resealable plastic packet. Inside the packet was this very lightweight case, very clear, with a nice dotted pattern on the back. It was clear that attention had been paid to the corners to ensure they were protected in case of accidental drop.

The holes in the case for microphone, camera, speaker etc, are all in exactly the right place, with buttons covered yet very usable, and the hole for the mute button very accessible.

This is a not a slim case at the sides, being extra protective, adding quite a bit of width, but very little weight to your phone. The back is quite slim though, obviously needing less protection. All corners are perfectly protected, and there’s a good protrusion at the front to protect your screen if laid face down. The lightning cable fits perfectly through the hole in the case to the port, but it should be noted that if you use a 30-pin to lightning adapter, you’ll need to remove the case as the bottom is fully protected and the adapter just won’t fit.

Apart from the really strong protective features of the case, its other great point is its transparency – you can see the original colours and logo of your phone, instead of its inherent beauty being hidden behind thick leather or opaque plastic.

I absolutely recommend this case for anyone looking for strong protection for their phone, whilst being able to appreciate its original form and design.

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Thanks to Pasonomi Global for providing this item for review.


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