5 x LetsSwipeThat Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Perfectly portable and effective soft little cloths!

Inside the Amazon box, this item arrived as five individually packaged cloths, inside a single cellophane packet containing a nice “thank you” message and a coupon code offer. Seeing the thank you message is a really nice touch for when you open the box.

The five soft cloths are separately held in their own strong little plastic pouches, that have a strap for the flap to hold it closed. This means that you can drop one in a bag for any time use on your phone or glasses for example, and it won’t come out covered in sand or grit or other muck from inside the bag (maybe not all bags are like the ones in our house!).

It’s cool that they’re packaged individually, so you can keep them in separate bags or have them in different drawers / rooms of the house for easy access – maybe it could be seen as a family pack… The small size means that you can slip them anywhere and they’d hardly be noticed. This means that they’re probably not much good for a 48″ LED TV, but they’re perfect for a MacBook Air screen.

The cloths are extremely soft, and have the company logo stamped into one corner. The edges are nicely sheared to prevent fraying, and it’s good that they’re black so they don’t show up the muck that you wipe from screens. I found they cleaned both my glasses and my iPhone screen extremely efficiently and quickly.

This set would make a nice little gift pack for the obsessive compulsive gadget owner, who has screens galore!

As one of those obsessives I mentioned, I can absolutely recommend this set to anybody – I think they’re awesome!

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Thanks to Ekamai for providing this item for review.


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