Vansky LED TV Backlighting Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Really helps the presentation of TV shows!

This item arrived in a (slightly battered, but attractive) retail box, containing the single strip light with attached USB cable. The strip is relatively thin and long, and takes up most of the back of our 48 inch LED TV. The reverse of the strip has a peel off strip hiding some 3M double sided tape.

The 3M tape allowed the strip to be stuck to the TV very easily, but heat is already making it peel a bit after a couple of days, so that could be stronger. The USB cable is very long, and should easily reach the USB port of most TVs. If you don’t have a USB port on your TV, it’s easy enough just to get a standard USB extension cable and power it from a plug socket.

The lights on the strip are relatively bright, but not overly so when reflected from a wall. We have bright white walls, and it just leaves a lovely glow coming out of the back.

The strip allows you to turn off other lights, and have a nice dim room for TV viewing. The claim is that this reduces eye strain, and although I can’t confirm that, it wouldn’t surprise me, I definitely felt the picture had more “pop” with a soft light coming from behind.

All in all, if you have a flat TV, I’d definitely recommend getting one of these strips to stick to the back. It’s high quality, and definitely does the job.

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Thanks to Vansky Official for providing this item for review.


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