Victop® Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit FM Transmitter Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Four Stars

Nice little unit – wish it could play music over Bluetooth!

This item arrived in a retail packet, with white back and clear front, showing the packet contents, which were the device itself, a nice little 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack lead, a spare fuse, and a simple instruction leaflet.

The car power socket plug is hinged to the device in a connector that folds to just under 180 degrees, so you can angle the device to suit your particular placement or vehicle. The colours and glossy finish suggest this is a really high quality device, as does the nicely backlit LCD screen. I love that the device has a USB socket at the front, so you can still charge your phone whilst using the device as a hands free kit.

The transmitted frequency can be changed at .1 intervals throughout the FM frequency band. I found the volume to be a little on the low side, and reproduction could be improved, but it’s not too difficult to turn your radio knob up a couple of notches…

It’s such a shame that this device doesn’t play music over the Bluetooth connection. The handsfree function is fine, picking up sounds perfectly from the built in microphone, and pushing audio to the radio, but if you want to play music from your phone, it has to go through the 3.5mm connection. The provided cable is also a bit short to do this in most cars. It’s a cool feature though that the device will play music directly from a USB stick or SD card.

The device paired instantly to an iPhone, with no need for a code or anything. When a call comes in, or you make one, the music is turned off and the call takes audio priority.

This is a nice little unit, but I really do wish that it could play music over the bluetooth connection – if it could do that, it would get 5 stars.

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item for review.


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