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Five Stars

Really nice, thin, light, yet protective case.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a clear-fronted, retail style resealable plastic packet. The case feels soft and rubberised around the edges, but more solid and thin across the back.

This is a very light case, off the phone you can hardly feel the weight of it. It grips the phone on the edges really securely and softly, it’s actually a bit difficult to get the last corner on, but once it’s on, you can see it’s not going to fall or slip off accidentally. It’s much easier to take off than put on though.

All the ports and holes are in the right place, with covers for the power and volume buttons. The mute button cutout leaves plenty of room even for fat fingers like mine to flick the switch. The case is so thin at the bottom that it actually allows the use of a 30 pin to lightning adapter, which is both rare and welcomed.

The killer feature of this case is the transparency. Actually being able to clearly see the colour and design of your original phone, without it being hidden behind a bulky opaque case is awesome. I like to have my nicely designed phone well protected, but I chose the specific model in part for its appearance, and hiding it away is such a shame. This case is awesome.

If anything lets this case down, it’s the fact that the Apple logo is not exactly central in the cutout on the back – it’s cool to see the cutout, but as this is a transparent case anyway, I think I might prefer to have lived without the hole, especially as it’s not exactly over the Apple picture. This is just nit-picking though, this is an awesome little case. The design in the back of the case is nice, and it adds grip, so it’s not just going to slip out of your hands.

This is a really nice litte case, very thin, yet protective, and shows off the original design of your phone – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Coolden UK for providing this item for review.


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