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Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

I absolutely *LOVE* this bit of kit – awesome tool to keep with your vehicle.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was sealed inside a protective polythene bag. That’s all it needed because the strong, solid carry case will protect any of the contents from damage. The case has hard sides, an attractively coloured zip to open, and a carrying handle.

When I opened the case, I found out how much more than just jump starting cars this little bit of kit can do. There’s a UK wall charger to power up the unit itself, and a car cigarette lighter type charger if you prefer to do it on the move. There’s a lead for the variable voltage output, with lots of adapters, meaning it can be used almost as a universal transformer when on the move. You can select 12v, 16v or 19v, so it’s great for various laptop models. The only other thing I could wish for is a 13A plug socket!!

There’s a standard micro-USB cable to charge your phones or other mobile devices (you’ll need your own cable if you use an Apple device), and there’s a lead with black and red crocodile clips for actually jump starting your car. The leads are very heavy duty, and the clips have copper contacts, so they do seem to support the claimed 500A peak output. Having a 13600mAh battery in there means it’ll also help turn over some really big motors too!

The unit itself has a matte, grippable finish, and looks really cool, and very high quality. It’s clear lots of thought have gone into the design of this product. There is the variable voltage output, two USB outputs, the charger input, the Jump Starter output, a switch for power, a torch on one end, and a switch for the torch which doubles up as a voltage selector… Oh, there’s a really nice backlit display that gives you power status, voltage details etc.

The torch part is very cool. You press the torch button for a couple of seconds and the torch comes on. Press again and it starts giving off SOS in morse code. Another press, and you have a constantly flashing white light – it’d be nice if this could be orange, but I’ll take white over nothing.

I used it to give my motorbike its post-winter start up, and it worked like a dream. Without the starter, my battery didn’t have the energy for the engine to fire. Plug it in, turn it on, and it spun over quickly and easily, and the bike started up nicely. Checking the power levels showed it used only 4% power to help it spin over and start.

I don’t normally gush so much over items I have to review, but I absolutely love this, and it’s staying in my car boot, with regular top ups. I can’t recommend this device enough, and at this price, just buy one!

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item at a discount for review.


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