Dell XPS 13 9350 Review

A noisy machine that will mutate into an expensive paperweight

One Star

I’m very sad to report that my Dell XPS 13 9350, with core-i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD has had to be returned to the manufacturer (at their insistence, I’d rather have had it fixed under the warranty I bought with it). Most of this review was written in the first few days, when the problems I saw I’d put down to other issues such as my external display lead or Windows. After the motherboard was replaced though, it lasted less than 24 hours, before Dell support insisted there was nothing they could do other than collect the machine and issue a refund. Note that I am an IT consultant with well over 20 years in the field – this is a review from a seasoned professional, who understands that computers don’t always work first time!
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BestFire Portable USB Humidifier Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Small and functional – perfect for desks!

This item arrived in a retail style, translucent plastic protective box. Inside the box was the unit itself, a small instruction manual, and the power cable. The cable is a standard USB plug on the power end, but unfortunately goes to a bespoke jack plug on the unit end, so you can’t just use any old USB cable you have lying around the house.

The device is small, with a white light available, so it can just be used as a desk light, with or without the diffuser function. The aromas from the oil come out in a visible stream of cold water vapour from the top – I’ve seen stronger streams, but this one still does the job well. It really gets the fragrance out across the room in just seconds.
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BestFire USB Humidifier Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Really nice new take on the humidifier / diffuser scene!

This item arrived in a tall, solid, attactive, glossy protective retail style box, with the item, instruction manual and power lead inside. The humidifier has an extremely interesting design, which really comes to life when powered on.

I’ve seen lots of diffusers and humidifiers over the past few months, and this one is definitely unique. It’s powered through micro-usb, so you can have it on your desk powered from a computer, and you can use any old lead you have knocking about, if the provided one isn’t right, or you want to leave that plugged in somewhere.
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VicTop Jump Starter / Power Bank Review

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Five Stars

I absolutely *LOVE* this bit of kit – awesome tool to keep with your vehicle.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was sealed inside a protective polythene bag. That’s all it needed because the strong, solid carry case will protect any of the contents from damage. The case has hard sides, an attractively coloured zip to open, and a carrying handle.

When I opened the case, I found out how much more than just jump starting cars this little bit of kit can do. There’s a UK wall charger to power up the unit itself, and a car cigarette lighter type charger if you prefer to do it on the move. There’s a lead for the variable voltage output, with lots of adapters, meaning it can be used almost as a universal transformer when on the move. You can select 12v, 16v or 19v, so it’s great for various laptop models. The only other thing I could wish for is a 13A plug socket!!
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USB thumb / flash drives and Microsoft Windows

A quick technical post!

Occasionally, I’m called upon to deal with minor issues for users of USB thumb drives, and I thought I’d pull together a few little tips and tricks here which help me get things sorted. Continue reading “USB thumb / flash drives and Microsoft Windows”