Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive


This past weekend, I submitted my first letter to the editor of our local newspaper, “The Rotherham Advertiser“. I’m not sure if it will be published, but the text is: Give us free parking, and we will come. Reading the yourletters@ pages over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing more and more references to… Continue reading Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive

Dell XPS 13 9350 Review

Dell XPS 13 9350

A noisy machine that will mutate into an expensive paperweight I’m very sad to report that my Dell XPS 13 9350, with core-i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD has had to be returned to the manufacturer (at their insistence, I’d rather have had it fixed under the warranty I bought with it). Most… Continue reading Dell XPS 13 9350 Review

I’ve been libelled by Amazon… :(

Sad Amazon

So, I’ve been a loyal customer of Amazon for at least 11 years (the earliest email I can find is from 2004, and that was for a return), and I’ve been writing numerous and regular reviews for products sold on over the past six months or so, as you may have seen on this… Continue reading I’ve been libelled by Amazon… 🙁

A kick in the squishy bits…

So…..  I’ve recently found out that “life’s a b!tch”…  At least, I’ve had it reconfirmed.  Again. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus anymore to whine about life in a public forum, so I’m using my blog to do it instead.   🙂 Anyway, let the whining begin :