Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive


This past weekend, I submitted my first letter to the editor of our local newspaper, “The Rotherham Advertiser“. I’m not sure if it will be published, but the text is: Give us free parking, and we will come. Reading the yourletters@ pages over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing more and more references to… Continue reading Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive

Shopping in nightwear… WHY???

Pink Dressing Gown

What is it with people wearing nightwear to go out in public at the minute? Am I just an old person missing out on some new fangled young person’s fashion thing? I’m just not getting it. I don’t even like to open the curtains if I’m in pyjamas, I don’t want the world seeing my… Continue reading Shopping in nightwear… WHY???

Reviewing products on Amazon

Amazon Reviewer

Recently, I’ve started a new hobby; providing product reviews on If you review products regularly, and make sure your reviews are comprehensive (not “does the job”, or “this is rubbish”), sellers let you have products free, or at a discount, in exchange for a fair and honest review. The reviewing hobby becomes very addictive,… Continue reading Reviewing products on Amazon

Apple iPad Mini

It probably escaped many people’s notice, but last Friday was launch day for the iPad Mini, and iPad 4th Generation. The release of the 4th Generation iPad made me a little fed up, as my 7 month old device became obsolete, but not as unhappy as a colleague who had only purchased his 3rd generation… Continue reading Apple iPad Mini