Morrisons Pyjamas Rant Shopping

Shopping in nightwear… WHY???

What is it with people wearing nightwear to go out in public at the minute? Am I just an old person missing out on some new fangled young person’s fashion thing? I’m just not getting it.

I don’t even like to open the curtains if I’m in pyjamas, I don’t want the world seeing my nightwear – I think it’s not appropriate. Opening the door to the postman in just a T-Shirt and pyjama bottoms has me in palpitations for hours. So why oh why is it all of a sudden acceptable to go out in public dressed like this?

BBC News Rant Twitter

BBC News – Twitter Aggregator?

When did the BBC News website turn from genuine journalism to becoming a basic Twitter Aggregator?

I’ve relied on the BBC News platform for well over a decade to bring me the latest news, in an unbiased fashion, with deep investigations, opinions, and real-life genuine journalism. I remember having the BBC news ticker when it was first released, and loving it.