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Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Very high quality unit with strong sound and great functionality.

This item arrived in a really attractive shiny silver tin, with the manufacturer logo etc printed on it. Inside was a well protected speaker unit, a charging / power cable and a 3.5mm jack cable. Unfortunately no instructions were provided, but it was eventually fairly straightforward to figure out.

The unit is pleasingly heavy, but light enough to be portable. The metal grille wrapped around the device shows quality, as does the non-grille areas, which are all a matte, rubber feeling plastic. The buttons have been well designed, and I love the fact that they’re really touch sensitive, no need to press, with feedback being a very visible light behind each icon. The cable and micro-SD card ports are nicely located at the bottom rear of the product. It’s great for a speaker system like this to be so versatile. Normally you get bluetooth, sometimes you’ll also get a 3.5mm port (including the 3.5mm cable is a nice touch too), but very rarely do you get both those *and* a micro-SD card slot, to play directly from the card. The solid base has a very high friction rubberised bottom, so it’s not going to be sliding around even the shiniest of desks.

Pairing via bluetooth to an iPhone takes seconds (although you have to work out for yourself that this takes switching the power to bluetooth, then pressing the play button briefly), and the sound is loud and clear. The unit also doubles up as a phone hands-free kit, and the sound at each side is great – I even had a brief conversation with Siri through it, which isn’t easy at the best of times.

This unit is a very high quality, well made piece of kit, that’s had much design effort put into it. The buttons have clear icons, and most are multi-functional, eg. the “next track” buttons act as volume buttons too.

For anybody in the market for a small, portable speaker unit, I’d say look no further than this, I can highly recommend it.

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Thanks to YOYO SKY for providing this item for review.


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