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Five Stars

Nice solid phone holder that lets you charge your phone too!

This item arrived in a strong, protective, brown cardboard box. Inside the box, wrapped in bubble wrap, was the holder and the charging section. Just clip the socket of the holder onto the ball of the adjustable stand, and lock up the nut to put everything together.

The unit appears extremely well made, and doesn’t seem like it will fall apart in two minutes like some systems I’ve seen. It’s nice that the base just plugs into your car cigarette lighter socket to stably hold the phone, yet still gives you a USB port to plug any charging lead into to charge your phone (or any other device!).

The neck / arm is fully adjustable, and holds really solidly once you’ve got it in position. The phone holder stretches in and out a fair way, to cover a wide variety of phones, but only ones with relatively small screen sizes. I found out to my cost that it just isn’t quite big enough to hold an iPhone 6 (or small enough to hold a little Vodafone flip phone). Definitely check the compatibility list before buying.

There’s not really much more to say – it will hold your phone in most makes of car, very well, and allow you to charge it – great!

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item at a discount for review.


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