BestFire Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

Device In Use
Device In Use

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Five Stars

Really clear readout, so many useful functions.

This item arrived inside a solid protective brown cardboard box. There was a nice touch on the back of the box with a “thanks for purchasing” type message. Inside the box was a retail style blister pack containing the item. Unfortunately the blister pack had been badly folded trying to crush it into the box that was too small for it, but at least the item itself wasn’t damaged.

Inside the blister pack, along with the item, were some glossy instructions printed on the packaging, and a peel off label showing what should be displayed on the very large and clear screen. Insert two AAA batteries in the easily opened back, and the device springs to life. Put the probe on the end of the long cable out of a window, and you get a display of external temperature, internal temperature, internal humidity (with a little smily face telling you whether it’s humid or dry), and a clock.

You can change between fahrenheit and celsius, and 24h and 12h formats easily. It’s nice to be able to also record the maximum or minimum values too.

One thing I noticed was that if the outside probe is in sunlight, it shows a much hotter temperature than the actual air temperature – you really need to make sure the probe is in the shade.

This is a high quality item, with a really large and easily readable display – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Best-Fire for providing this item at a discount for review.


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