Teelevo Rose Pink iPhone 6 / 6s Case Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Really nice, thin and light case – maybe a bit slippy.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a clear-fronted, retail style resealable plastic packet. The case slipped on to the phone really easily, but won’t fall off. Inside the pack were the case, a really useful screen protector, and a nice touch of a comic style thank you note.

The case is really thin and light, not adding really any size or weight to your phone – it would be nice if the front could jut out to protect the screen when laying the phone face down, but I guess that’s why the screen protector is included.

There are cutouts in the case in all the right places, and what’s really nice is that once round the corners to protect them, the bottom is completely free, so you can for example, plug in a 30 port to lightning port adapter without removing the case. Again, it might be nicer if the whole top of the phone was protected, but the fact that the corners are covered gives me confidence that you’ll be covered in case of a drop.

There’s a nice cutout in the centre of the back of the case, so you can see the apple logo, and the original colour of your phone, which is quite cool. A slight issue is that the case is not particularly grippy – it might be easy for it to slip out of your hands.

This is a really nice little case, and I can definitely recommend it.

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Thanks to Teelevo Direct for providing this item for review.


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