BestFire Portable LED Camping Light Review

Front and Back
Front and Back

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Five Stars

Brilliant and versatile little camping light!

This item arrived in a glossy, retail style box, inside a strong, protective, brown cardboard box. Inside the box(es) was the unit itself, it would have been nice to see some included batteries, but for the price you can’t really argue!

The surprisingly small lamp twists in the middle, to open and show you the battery compartment, which takes 3 x AAA batteries. Put in the batteries, close up the unit, and you’re away.

The brightly coloured push button on the back cycles through differing brightnesses of light (obviously the lower the brightness, the longer the batteries will last), followed by a strobe light, then a really cool “SOS in morse code” function.

The back has quite a strong magnet inside it, which is really cool for attaching it places (say, under a car bonnet if you’re working on an engine in the dark!), and it also has a really handy fold out clip. The clip acts a bit like a carabiner, so you can just push it over a tent pole or whatever and it automatically holds.

I was surprised by how much I like this little light, it’s so small, yet has so many functions and little features, such as the clip, magnet and SOS function.

I can definitely give this unit my highest recommendation.

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Thanks to Best-Fire for providing this item at a discount for review.


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