KoolZone Car Windshield and Side Window Shades Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Really great Windscreen shield, interesting side shades!

This is really two separate items, the windscreen sun shield, and the side window shades. All the items came in a single, large, zip sealable plastic bag, with the side shades in their own smaller version of the bag, inside the larger one. The windscreen shield was in its own handy pouch, inside a protective plastic packet, inside the main zipping bag.

When you pull the windscreen shield out of its pouch, and let the hoops pop back into their normal shape, it’s BIG. You can see why it’s universal, because it’s both huge, and when you overlap the hoops, it can be small to fit smaller windscreens. It’s a shame there’s no basic instruction reminders on how to reset the hoops to their smaller sizes, but I’ve had similar beach mats and tents, so have the hang of just twisting them like a screw to shrink them down again.

When in place on my really big Mondeo windscreen, there’s still some overlap, and you can cover the whole windscreen. The silver side reflects most of the heat, and I’ve got to say it’s a really effective solution. The fact that it folds up again into such a neat pouch is great, and means you can just slip it in the pocket behind the front seats and just pop it on on hot days or when you need it.

The rear side window shades are a completely different item, and I’m really not sure what to make of them – it was like they were a burglar’s mask for a REALLY big headed burglar. I followed the instructions however, and they fit over the back door of our X3 really easily, and there was lots of room to spare – the X3 has big doors, but these can definitely go on bigger ones. When fitted, the door still shuts nicely, but it does look a bit like it’s wearing a dark pair of tights on the top.

There’s no doubt they do the job though, sunlight was definitely reduced by quite some degree, with visibility still being fine. The nice thing, unlike some stick on shades etc, is that you can fully wind the window down, and the shade stays in place, so you can get some air in the back and still be shaded.

It’s a bit of a shame that these probably won’t stand up to much wet weather use, and there’s definitely a bit of noise / drag with them on, so if you’re just considering this set for these back units, you might want to consider tinting instead. All that said however, this whole set as a solution is great, and considering the price should really make you think before calling the tinting company!

I can definitely recommend the windshield screen part of this set, and the rear shades are just a bonus!

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Thanks to T.M. Enterprise for providing this item for review.


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