MAOZUA Mini USB Humidifier Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

Whisper silent yet really effective!

This item arrived in a strong, protective, brown cardboard box. Inside the box were the humidifier unit itself, a spare wick, an instruction manual, a flat USB cable, and a cup matching the humidifier unit.

The humidifier is sort of water lily shaped, and it can sit in any container with water in, such as a cup or vase, as long as the top isn’t submerged. The wick draws in water through the side of the “stalk”, and the tiny piezo pulsing unit at the top sends out the moisture in cool misty clouds.

It’s recommended that before the first use, you soak the wick so that it starts working more quickly, so I filled up the provided cup and soaked the wick, before putting them together and powering it on. I’ve got to say that the provided cup really complements the humidifier, and the lip prevents too much water spillage should it fall over…

The power for the device comes via a standard micro-USB cable, so you can use your own cable if the length of the (nicely flat) provided one isn’t quite right for you. Once plugged in, press the power button, and the device springs to life. It’s nice to see the little blue ring around the top of the item light up, then see the plumes of vapour rising up from the top.

I’ve used lots of humidifiers, and sometimes the fan noise can be a bit distracting, but this one is almost silent – all you get is the gentle whispering hiss of the vapour being pulsed into the air. As far as I’m concerned, the only way they can improve on this is to add a battery and make it rechargeable, so you really can use it anywhere. I really like the fact they’ve included a spare wick.

I can absolutely recommend this device to anyone looking for a humidifier, especially if you want it to be quiet!

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Thanks to HPN_Trade for providing this item at a discount for review.


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