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I went for a nice dog walk the other day at lunchtime, whilst Mrs Zoo Keeper was out with friends. Coco and I were having fun, throwing and fetching a stick (I’m not sure which one of us is the retriever) and I thought I’d take a couple of pictures on my phone to send on and show what a good time we were having:

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I wasn’t sure I’d got a good enough picture, so I gave it one more attempt. I put my phone close to the ground in a vain attempt to be “arty”, then asked Coco to sit. Not only did she do so, which almost made me drop my phone in surprise, but she stayed sat long enough for me to get an awesome shot (for me, at least):

Coco Sitting
Coco Sitting (click for original full sized picture)

After sitting on it for a couple of days (no, not literally!), I’ve decided it’s got to go up on the web for the world to see (or two people at least!!).

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