LIHAO Velcro Cable Ties Review

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Four Stars

Very functional little ties, with a strong grip. Great variety of colours.

Inside the Amazon box, this item arrived in a small retail plastic packet. The packet contained 10 velcro straps, in various colours, wrapped around two pieces of nicely printed cardboard.

The selection of colours is great, and these are a decent length for wrapping cables – much better than the old tie wraps, in that they can be easily undone to add more cables, remove or change some, move things around etc.

I think a couple of tricks have been missed here – there could be a loop system so that you don’t have to undo the whole strap to add another cable, risking some falling out, and there could be a second loop or strap to attach the strap to a desk, hook, or other cable system.

I’m not keen on the large LIHAO logo going across the middle – the “Best Gift For You” poor translation makes me cringe a little inside when I see it. I think plain would be better, but to be fair, it’s more likely that these ties will be hidden somewhere out of the way, so it will probably not be seen.

I love the variety of colours available, and I think you could turn them into a nice display.

Overall, they’re very functional little ties, with a strong grip, in a great variety of colours, and I can recommend them for cable tying duties.

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Thanks to GoldenBell for providing this item for review.

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