LIHAO 52 Piece Piping Nozzles Set Review

Nozzles Set
Nozzles Set

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Four Stars

Brilliant set of nozzles, shame about the coupler.

This set of piping nozzles arrived sealed in a strong plastic cover, inside a thin plastic bag. The box itself is strong and very well made, nicely shaped to hold all the nozzles securely in place, so you can grab the one you need, and not be digging around hunting for it. This also makes it ideal as a gift for the budding baker.

The nozzles themselves are great. They are really well made, with the seams all but invisible. There is a huge range of options, such that you’ll probably not need anything else! The standard sized nozzles each have their own “lump” to stand on in the box, with the larger four nozzles having a notch to sit in, in each corner, and the flower nails just rest in the sides. The plastic coupler takes pride of place in the middle of the box.

Unfortunately, the coupler is what let this set down. With no nozzle, the top screwed onto the bottom perfectly. Through a bag, again with no nozzle, it screwed together perfectly. Put a nozzle in, and it won’t screw together at all – at a push you can cross thread it a fraction until it just holds, then you blow it off when trying to push frosting through. It’s such a shame that you can’t use this.

All is not lost however, as you can just use the nozzles in the end of standard bags, without the coupler in use, and they hold in fine. The problem with this of course though, is that you can’t switch nozzles mid-bag, you need a totally separate empty bag to put the new nozzle in – wasteful, and a shame.

This is a perfect set of nozzles, and I can definitely recommend it, it’s just a shame that the coupler is the wrong size – of course it’s possible that the one I received was a one-off, and they fit perfectly on all other models.

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