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Autumn Dog Walk Pictures

I took some nice pictures in the woods today whilst on a Sunday afternoon dog walk.

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Pimping my sh*t! :)

Just wanted to spread the word as far as possible that I’ve got a couple of items on eBay that I’d like to sell.

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Dog walks

Went on a really nice dog walk this afternoon, just before sunset.

I enjoy taking the dog at this time – I get some really awesome colours on pictures of the sunset.  The header picture on this website at the time of writing is a crop from one of my pictures.  Taken with an iPhone 4S, there has been no processing, that’s the raw colours.

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Apple iPad Mini

It probably escaped many people’s notice, but last Friday was launch day for the iPad Mini, and iPad 4th Generation.

The release of the 4th Generation iPad made me a little fed up, as my 7 month old device became obsolete, but not as unhappy as a colleague who had only purchased his 3rd generation device about six weeks ago.

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I’ve had a Google Adsense account for a number of years now.  I’ve published their adverts on some of my other websites, and so far I’ve made a grand total of £14.01 – not even enough to trigger a payment to me.

I’ve tried to make the adverts unobtrusive, and maybe that’s why there’s been no real monetisation of the sites.  It could also be something to do with the lack of traffic, or interesting content!

Halloween Jokes

Trick or Treat

There were so many kids on the streets last night doing their trick or treat runs.  I almost ran a couple over with my car.  Made a right mess of my wheels going up the kerb to get them though…

Halloween Miscellaneous

Fright Night

Off to Fright Night in Sheffield very soon!


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Mobile coverage maps

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading one of my technology RSS feeds (The Register), and I came across a review piece of RootMetrics coverage map.

Previously, operator and industry coverage maps have been pretty terrible, but this one looked great.

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My social networking world

The past couple of weeks have seen my free time dwindle somewhat.  More to do, longer working hours, bugs, deadlines, pressures, darker nights – all fighting for my available free minutes, and causing the eyelid clamps to work harder to keep me awake.

I felt some small changes were required, and the miscellaneous periphery took the first blow of the axe. 

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Upgrading Windows Server 2008 R2 from Standard to Enterprise

I never really intended for this to be a technology blog, but considering that IT is both my job and my hobby, it’s only natural that a few technology based posts will pop up from time to time.

I’m hoping that I can save at least one person from the personal hell I suffered over two days this past week.  Before I go on, I should perhaps make it clear that yes, I’d love a test lab to play with these things and learn on, but I haven’t got one and the bean counters won’t pay for one, so I have to sort this stuff out on the fly…  🙁